Getting down to the roots of cannabis

I’m making ground up cannabis root capsules (ZERO THC) for anyone who needs circulation help.  I am absolutely astounded at how much they have helped my circulation.  For anyone who is not familiar with my story and how I came to the roots, let me share the story of my leg with you.  September 29th, 2008 I was out boating with some friends enjoying the emergence of the stars while on the lake when a drunk driver in a boat came speeding up behind us and did not know that we were there until his boat was on top of our boat and his propellor was carving out pieces of us and our boat.  The propellor carved out 18cm of my tibia bone and a whole lot of muscle, fat and skin leaving a huge whole in my leg (pic is in the comments, only look if you have a strong stomach and/or a genuine medical interest).

It took years to walk again and was an uphill battle at first and then went to where my healing plateaued making me feel it wouldn’t get any better and then 3 years ago my leg took a turn for the worse and starting getting worse instead of better.  I started to get really freaked out about it and had to switch from my cane to my crutches and actually stopped using my leg completely for a good year and just hopped with the crutches.  I was very scared that I was headed for a wheelchair at the age of 40.  I was scrambling trying to find something to make it better.  I was using cannabis flowers to smoke, the concentrated hash oil being eaten, used for tinctures and dabbed, salves, medicated edibles and capsules.  They all helped my leg a little and helped my head deal with it, but it wasn’t until I started eating ground up root capsules that I found true relief.  My bad circulation was what was holding me back from getting better and these little root capsules within 10 days of taking them seemed to solve all of my circulation issues.  My leg stopped being numb and so I didn’t need to warm up my leg before I tried to walk anymore.  My flexibility came back unbelievably and I actually for the first time in years believed that I might be able to consider being able to jog or run in my future with a little work.  I had given up on that dream many years before.  I can’t tell you how excited this got me.

I feel like the roots have given me my leg and my life back.  My activity level and endurance have increased ten fold.  I have been wanting to scream from mountain tops about how good I feel and would like to share these with everyone so more people can feel better.

Because there is no THC in the roots, most growers laugh at me when I ask for their roots and think I’m a tad crazy for eating them.   I really wish more people would try them.  Check out the articles I’ve attached below to see if you think they could work for you.

Besides for circulation, according to a few patients I’ve had try them and the articles I’ve read, the roots are helpful for fighting fevers, lupus, ms, fibromyalgia, broken bones, fighting infections from abscesses, ulcers, toothaches, treating worms, hemorrhaging, stopping seizures, muscular atrophy, incontinence, venereal disease, as a diuretic and even reduces tumors.

They work for me so well that if I was told I could only use cannabis one way for the rest of my life, me being the chief that I am would even give up smoking it just to be able to keep the root capsules in my body everyday. One a day helps me walk and feel so much better.

From what I understand from the several articles I’ve read, is that there’s a terpene called friedlein that seems to be doing all the work with the circulation for me.  If we keep in mind that the terpenes in the buds are sweet and tasty to drive us to the plant and enjoyable when we taste it smoking. Then know that the terpenes in the roots are bitter, not sweet and tasty like the bud terpenes. They are bitter to deter pests and predators from attacking them. So it is safe to say that the terpenes in the roots do not occur in the bud and that’s why there is a different healing effect when using the roots versus the bud. That is the best and easiest way for me to explain it after reading the articles and the scientific document.

There is still so much to learn about the roots. I think there is way more we could be doing with them and studying to help others. I look forward to being involved in a study with them and in an extract form eventually. I also look forward to doctors and scientists helping me understand dosing and the abilities of them better.

Growers, please save your roots and use them.  I’m happy to share my recipe and guide you with making them if you’d like to learn and share the love. I’m also very happy to take any organic grown roots that you don’t want. Find me on Facebook as Michelle Saye.

Getting down to the roots of cannabis