Keeping It Real


We refuse to be ordinary! It’s our attention to detail that makes our natural and organic CBD products stand out. Real ingredients for real families. Being transparent is our priority–we thoughtfully formulate our ingredients from Mother Nature’s cupboard. Recipes from simpler times that are even more effective today.

One CannaMommy's Mission

When traditional medicine didn’t work for her son, Landon’s mom turned to the inherent wisdom of another –Mother Nature– to create pure, full spectrum CBD formulations.

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  • The best pain relief salve so far! After three months of using everything on the market, I gave your product a try and I could not be happier.
  • I have been using this for two months and find that it works quicker and better for me than prescriptions meds. I don't have to worry about any drug interactions or dangerous side effects!. I highly recommend this product and love supporting Team Landon!
    Brandon Ross
  • I suffer terribly from indigestion and I’ve never found anything that works better than Landon’s Health Hut Oral Oil. I’m even back to eating foods I’ve avoided for years. Thank You!
    Sara Wright